Gold Freshwater Baroque Pearl, Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Drop Earrings


Elegant handmade earrings with freshwater Baroque pearls and detailed Mother of Pearl carvings on gold plated earring hooks. With the pearls unique irregular shape comes more luster giving it so much personality! The perfect gift for moms, daughters, sisters, friends, or anyone who loves one of a kind jewelry! These light weight earrings are hypo allergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Length: 1.9″
Drop Length: 2.60″

Fun Facts: The word ‘baroque‘ comes from the Portuguese term barroco which meant imperfect, coarse or uneven pearl. Incidentally enough, Baroque is also the term used for the period in history between the early 17th to mid-18th centuries, famous for its extravagant and elaborate ornamentation.
Mother of Pearl is the name commonly used to refer to the nacre that coats a pearl. It’s a mixture of minerals secreted by oysters that actually forms the gem. Nacre is secreted by oysters and various pearl mollusks as a defense mechanism against foreign irritants. Where the pearl is formed by layers of nacre, the Mother of Pearl is the layer of nacre itself, before the pearl is born.

Always remember to remove your jewelry before taking part in any water activities (such as swimming or showering). Avoid direct contact with perfume, hairspray, lotions, etc., and intense sunlight or humidity. A small anti tarnish square and polishing cloth and a special jewelry bag has been included for your convenience.

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