Sometimes you have to take two steps back to make that step forward. When your gut is telling you that something isn’t right TRUST IT.

As an independent business owner, I can tell you that everyone is always looking for the “hook up” Why? Is it because I am the boss, a friend, a small business? But how is that good business for me? How does that provide for my family?

Another is not wanting to pay what you charge? Hmmm… okay, so there are people out there that can do it cheaper. I get it. I’m a smart shopper too. But do they have as much education as I do? Or are they still working a 9-5 and your business isn’t quite their priority. You’re a side job, a gig. Is that what you really want to be thought of?

I hear so many complaints in my field about how someone didn’t do a professional job in the design work, how their websites aren’t what they want or don’t even work, or that they just got straight stiffed. As in anything, you get what you pay for. I have learned that lesson many-a-times… more than I should have. But I have realized that it is entirely true- for three reasons…

#1 they don’t really care and it’s easy money
#2 They are not experienced enough to truly give you what you want- and know it
#3 they are working a 9-5 and don’t have the time.

I especially love start ups and small businesses. I love taking their crazy ideas and making them real. I love teaching them about branding and what they need in order to have a great web presence. What I don’t like however is the mindset that my services are not as valuable as the inventory they are stocking their shelves with.

Many fail to realize that if people do not see you invest on how your business LOOKS… why would they want to spend their money with you?

So the question is, how does one recognize their ideal customer? Fast Company has a great article,“How To Identify Your Customers, Make Them Love You, And Keep Them Hooked.”

It’s all about balance. Knowing your worth, and attracting the clients that know it too. You too, as a business owner have to take a step back and look at the biggest picture of all- because not only is it your company’s survival but it is in fact your survival as well.

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